• Paperwork? Administration? Don't worry.

  • Kuveno helps you take care of contracts, board minutes, audits, due diligence and
    keeps you up-to-date on admin work that you have to get done.
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Why Kuveno?

Your most important work is in marketing, selling or building your product/service.

But there is a large amount of administrative tasks that you need to take care of as an entrepreneur or a CEO. Leaving them undone is not an option, that leaves you open for serious legal risks.

Meet Kuveno, your friendly AI-powered assistant.
Kuveno helps you do your administration and manage the things you have to have in order to secure funding, get investments, attract external board members and avoid legal consequences.





  • Digitally sign documents and read any content that is shared with you through a link.

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  • Perfect for board-members or other team-members that only need to see issues, documents or history but not edit them.

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  • Automated creation of legally reviewed contracts, meeting minutes and more. Digitally sign any document and share with your accountant, auditor and board members.

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