• Paperwork? Administration? Don't worry.

  • Kuveno helps you take care of contracts, board minutes, audits, due diligence and
    keeps you up-to-date on admin work that you have to get done.
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Why Kuveno?

Running a company should not require painful paperwork. It should not require a lawyer on retainer, just to get contracts, board meeting minutes and corporate governance done.

But admin work often is painful. Kuveno was built to help entrepreneurs get all legally important documents right. And to be prepared for due diligence or audit - all the time.

To get it right, the co-operation between the entrepreneur and the accountant needs to be simple. Kuveno is designed to streamline the communication between accountant and entrepreneur. Nothing slips between the cracks and everybody is happier.

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  • Digitally sign documents and read any content that is shared with you through a link.

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  • Perfect for board-members or other team-members that only need to see issues, documents or history but not edit them.

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  • Automated creation of legally reviewed contracts, meeting minutes and more. Digitally sign any document and share with your accountant, auditor and board members.

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Our story

Kuveno is designed and built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We've had our fair share of paperwork and admin issues that come with running and growing a company. Long hours with legal documents, minutes and reports, worrying about regulations and admin deadlines, double and triple checking that everything is done - we've been there.

One day, we sat down to reflect on the time and energy we spent on worrying and handling admin tasks, as opposed to the time and energy we spent on growing our businesses. We decided to create a process booster that would remove the worry and minimize the workload related to legal details, administrative tasks and schedules.

We set out to bring ourselves and our fellow entrepreneurs a tool that would remind us of all admin tasks. The tool would guide us to always have all the critical documentation in order, for whatever need that might come up.

The result is Kuveno, a platform for simplifying legal admin. Kuveno helps entrepreneurs, business leaders and boards of directors to spend more time and energy on building their companies – to create more wealth with less worry.

For accounting agencies, Kuveno is a powerful online tool to quickly assess whether their customers have everything in order, and to offer their expertise where and when needed. With Kuveno, accounting professionals can support their customers in reaching the ultimate goal:

     Have your company audit ready, all the time