• For accounting agencies

  • Life would be easier, if you would know what your customers are doing.
    And a lot easier, if your customers would always deliver their materials on time.
    And if they could just do their part on time, you could plan your work a lot better.
    Maybe then, you could devote more time to actually assisting them.

    We can help.
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Manage all your customers

Using Kuveno, you get an overview of all your customers and can zoom in to any particular detail or document. You can also set tasks, messages, events, board issues or other details for multiple customers at the same time. Getting ready to close the books is easy: you just set up a few board decisions and send them out.

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  • Digitally sign documents and read any content that is shared with you through a link.

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per user & month

  • Perfect for board-members or other team-members that only need to see issues, documents or history but not edit them.

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  • Automated creation of legally reviewed contracts, shared tasklists and more. Digitally sign and share any document. Manage multiple customers and their tasks.

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